Sunday, December 13, 2009

If you ride the bus with Ladycakes and read this blog, keep this on the Down-Low!

So, Here at the Hive, we are low-keying it for Christmas. Really trying to only give what we need for Christmas or make fun gifts for each other. It's a bit of a challenge for all of us, I'll admit it. I'm the first to get caught up in the Holiday Frenzy of Consumerism. I'm a shopper.

In her Advent calendar, Ladycakes received those funny capsules that you put in water that dissolve and become foam creatures. She went through the motions and then just put them on the kitchen counter. I put them in her room. She threw them away. I freaked out because I had an idea. I dug them out of our BIG dumpster. When I have an idea, I like to see it through.
Above you can see that I have added googly-eyes and small pom-pom noses.

Then I went ahead and added a magnet strip on the back. Ladycakes is in middle-school, magnets are essential.

Here they are in their magnetic glory. Aren't they cute? She's gonna dig them. They will keep things hanging up in her locker. And every time she looks at them she'll say "My mom, she's SO cool!" N O T !

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  1. OMG I'm laughing hysterically at this one! WHEN is the novel coming out? I'm serious. I'm hooked on your every word!!


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