Friday, December 18, 2009

Seducing them with craftiness.

Ladycakes, Q and Elvis have some great friends on our street. Best friend kind of friends. We feel really lucky to live in a place where you can run down the block and play at your buddies house. We like spreading the holiday love here at the hive. We wanted to let our pals know we're thinking of them. However, I really like these kid's parents too. I want them to keep liking me. So instead of buying more crap that none of them needs, I'm seducing them with craftiness.

I mentioned that I am trying to use what I have, cuz I have A LOT! And I know I've brought up the puppets already. But look what I came up with. I'm quite pleased with myself.

With the leftover puppets, googly-eyes, pom poms, rick-rack, ribbon and fabric scraps, I came up with some kits for our friends to work on over the winter break.

Tucked into a nice plastic bag and the addition of some directions, these make a great little gift. I am hoping they can all get together and put on some sort of huge Gingerbread puppet play and we can film it. Then when they are all teenagers we'll bust out that video and humiliate the hell out of 'em!

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