Monday, December 14, 2009

Saving the world. One Pringles Can at a time.

Remember when I threatened you with a project involving Pringles and Hot Chocolate containers? It was at the end of this post. Well here it is, clearly not a new idea but a fun one nonetheless.

Here are the containers (check that fabric stash in the background!) TOO. MUCH. FABRIC!
The bees here at the hive do not recommend the Craver Onion Blossom flavor btw. Not to fond of those.
Here are the supplies you need. Careful with that Craft Bond, it is sticky. And the overspray is hard to get rid of. After a little measuring (Pringles cans require 10" x 15" of paper) a little gluing and patience to get the paper to stay smooth on the cylinder, here's what you get.

Cute for storing craft supplies. I refuse to buy anymore plastic bins. I would rather re-use what would become garbage. These could even hold gifts. I'm sure your best friend won't care that the great gift you bought her now smells like Pizza Flavored Pringles. If she does, get rid of her!


  1. O



    I am so stealing that idea in like 5 minutes. I have all the supplies WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  2. You know what this made me think of? There should be a "Project Runway" type show with crafty people like yourself!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries