Monday, February 1, 2010

One Small Change, Month Two!

Month One went quite nicely.  Ladycakes has done an outstanding job of turning off her lights.  Quite proud of the Miss.  Q has not had much opportunity to walk to school due to weather and a recovering Mother but that is on the back burner.  It will happen.  Elvis has had to practice SERIOUS restraint in the wardrobe department.  But, he's doing it and we applaud when we see the same PJ's two nights in a row.

Mr. Handsome changed the thermostat.  It's chilly in certain parts of the house but I am learning to wear an afghan quite fashionably.  I am draping it as if I am Fleur Cowles, my newest obsession.  Haven't done great with the cloth napkins, but Mom has been under the weather so we'll put that on the back burner as well.

Note to self, don't start a challenge before going into major surgery.

This month is going to be fun.  Here's what we have planned.

Mr. Handsome and I will try to find organic alcoholic beverages to consume.  It's me.  This is how I participate.  We found this excellent vodka that has a great concept.  We will support this company.

Ladycakes is going to try re-purposing some of her clothes.  Starting with socks.  Check this great idea.  She will not only make a fashion statement but a few pairs of socks will NOT make it to our local landfill.  Plus, we might have a few new birthday gift ideas!

Q and Elvis are going to help me with our compost pile. Yes, we have a composter.    And, I didn't buy this model because Oprah recommended it.  I had mine before Oprah.  Told you we were kinda "green."  The boys will be in charge of dumping and churning the frozen, not totally frozen, compost.  It's working, the bin never over flows, it's just a little slow.  They will LOVE wielding a pitch fork.  And maybe come June, we will be able to use some of the compost to really spice up our garden.

Note to self, monitor pitchfork wielding!

Duh, yes, we have a garden.  Just because I talk about Snoop Dogg doesn't mean I don't have a garden!  Don't mind my own identity confusion.

So, we are up for Month Two, Here at the Hive.  We are being conscious of our actions and our choices. That's the point, right?   GO GREEN!

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