Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teacher know they deserve it.

This is it, I promise.  Enough with the Valentine's already.  Elvis's party is tomorrow and I think I've mentioned before his teachers are a great bunch.  I got to know them quite well during the lockdown, if you remember.   He has one teacher for his little group but there are 7 teachers total in the school and they really help ALL of the children.

Teachers too often get overlooked.  So many parents take them for granted.  I know because I was one.  There is a lot of expectation for greatness from teachers but then little reward (aside from seeing these little people learn and grow, I'm talkin' goods here people!)

The moneytree is buried (and by "buried" I mean gasping for any signs of life) under a bunch of snow (and by "snow" I mean bills galore)  Here at the Hive, so I was working on a tight budget.  Here's what we came up with.

 We headed over to TJ Maxx and got the Maxx for the Minn.  Oy.

24 colorful washcloths..... $9.98!
7 assorted shower gels.....$4.99!
Sucking up to  Rewarding hardworking teachers....priceless!

And because I ALWAYS have to take it one step further, here's what I did.  I combined two washcloths, the ribbon all of the washcloths were wrapped in, some pom poms I had in my stash and made some cupcakes.  Cute, no?

Wrapped in a cello bag with a shower gel and a fancy hand-drawn cupcake tag and it's done.  Cross it off the list.  I gotta start thinking about St. Patrick's Day.


  1. Very Cute! Way to turn a frugal find into a fabulous gift!

    Thanks for inviting us to take a look!

  2. I'm glad you find me "interesting". I guess you could take the award!? Your supposed to recive it first from someone I personally don't care though : )


Thanks Carol@ Songberries