Monday, February 15, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the bleachers......

Sounds like the beginning of joke, I know.  But you are not going to believe this.  Mr. Handsome and I took the little bees up north this weekend for a swim meet.  First swim meet for the bees, so we stayed the night in a hotel (it was actually a motel, which tripped them out because you "entered from the outside.") and made it into a little getaway.  According to Elvis, we stayed in a "Mo Hell"  which it wasn't, it had been updated but it still cracked us up.

Okay back to the point.  The kids were on deck all warmed up, ready to compete and Mr. Handsome and I headed to the upper level to find a spot in the bleachers.  Elvis was tagging along and we were shlepping coats, toys, backpacks, you name it into the 88 degree upper deck of this swimming pool.  I was totally overdressed and at this point sweating a bit.  Suddenly I hear, "Excuse me?  Excuse me?"  coming from behind me.  At first I thought it was someone getting ready to tell me my youngest bee had already broken some sort of rule.  So I turned around and standing there are these two lovely women.

This is what follows.....

Lovely woman #1: "Excuse me, hi."
me: "Hi."
Lovely woman #2 stands quietly next to Lovely woman #1 and smiles.
Lovely woman #1: "Hi.  We were just wondering, do you have a blog?"
me inside going "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.  yes I do!  I sure hope you like my blog or else I am going to be super embarrassed."
me after getting control of myself:  "Yes I do."
Lovely woman #1: "Hi I'm Carol."
me to myself:  "I know Carol, she's one of my followers.  Carol recognized me.  Carol writes really cool stuff on her blog.  I AM MEETING CAROL!"
Lovely woman #2:  "Hi, I'm Jennie, Carol's daughter."
me, trying to wipe the sweat off of my nose and gain some composure:  "I am so glad to meet you!"

How does this happen?  I met someone who reads my blog!  I met someone who's blog I read!  This is CRAZY!  Needless to say it took me about 30 minutes to pull my shit together, I was so excited.  I visited with Carol quite a bit.  She's charming.  Her kids are darling.  Jennie, her oldest daughter is adorable and now I am reading her blog.  You should too.  The weekend was really fun.  Meeting my blog friends was an added bonus.  Do think it will ever happen again?

If this meeting is anything like the next one could be, I sure hope so.  Hi Carol.  Hi Jennie.


  1. You're famous, you're famous! I should have asked for an autograph ;) It was so nice to meet you! I just love your blog!

  2. It was getting toasty in there wasn't it! It was so fun to visit with you! You are the first blogger I've met from blogland! Did you find Gosners? You made my day when I met you, and again just now reading this! I'll be stalking you via Google Reader! LOL Hope I didn't scare you!

  3. so fun! I am so excited for you! Next time we see each other, I totally need to get your autograph! :)


Thanks Carol@ Songberries