Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Madeleine's Pins make me very happy. Jewelry and Politics do mix.

So I've decided to try reading.  My reading often involves just looking at pretty pictures.  I'm a visual one.  Words?  Love words.  Love to play with words, twist words, change words....but sometimes reading them takes too much effort.  I tend to like words for their visual aspects.  Someday I will discuss that further.

Wanna know what I'm reading, do ya', do ya'?  Please say "yes."  because I'm going to tell you regardless.

Let me start by saying, I am not political.  Meaning, ask me about politics and I'm wishy-washy.  Firstly, it SO doesn't interest me.  In my humble opinion, politics are ridiculous.  It's totally corrupt.  It's "bait and switch" it's "I've been sold a bill of goods!"  It's darn right silly.  I don't think my vote counts.  I live in Utah and tend to vote the Democrat-side of things (I just ruined my chance at several job applications, if those hiring happen upon this here blog.)  I am not a devote Democrat.  I cannot commit like that.  Secondly, I think politicians are slimy.  A bit criminal, as wishy-washy as me.  So, not willing to commit.  Maybe I'd be a great politician (without the slimy, criminal stuff)!

 But this book makes me very happy.  This is my kind of politics.  It's politics but it's also jewelry.  And covert communication (I LOVE COVERT COMMUNICATION!)  Jewelry, educated-creative-covert communication?!  This woman rocks my world.  Rocks it!  There is so much about this read that I dig.  check this quote....

"Naturally, not every diplomatic encounter demands a sunny attitude.  If I wanted to deliver a sharp message, I often wore a bee. Muhammad Ali used to boast that he would "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee"; my message was that America would try to resolve every controversy peacefully, but if pushed into a corner, we had both the will and a way to strike back."  page 93 Read My Pins by Madeleine Albright.

So that's one of the books I'm reading.  I'll introduce another book in the next day or two.  Check this one out at your local library or just buy it.  You'll browse over it for hours.  And, then scour thrift stores for some costume jewelry of your own.

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