Friday, February 19, 2010

Thankfully, my audience is friendly and generally doesn't say anything.

Elvis is under the weather.  Poor kiddo.  The bees have been off of school this week.  I can guarantee that come Sunday evening both of the big bees will have come down with whatever little bee has. (Terrible grammar there I know, but it's 1:40 in the afternoon and everybody is still in their jammies watching Wow Wow Wubbzy.  Clearly order and rules are not applying to any aspect of my life.) 

My big kids always get sick during a school break usually the day before they have to go back.  At first I thought they were faking but usually it's a true blue illness.  Someone should do a study and then pay me for letting my kids be test subjects.  I could use the money.

Look at him!  It's pathetic.

Okay but enough about that.  

I don't think I have mentioned that I am participating in a craft swap.  First ever.  I am losing my craft-swap virginity and I even told my mom about it.  She's quite proud.  So Urban Craft is having a swap with the inspiration being the Olympic mascots and their creators.  Meomi.

So today in my email I got the name of the person I have to send my item to (there I go again with the bad grammar.)  Maybe instead of a craft swap, I should take an online grammar course.  Anyhoodle.

So now I am freaking out.  Stalking my recipient on her blog to see how crafty she is, has she won any craft awards?  Like Crafter of the Year?  International Super Crafter?  She Can Craft and Parent at the Same Time Award?  Seriously, what if she works for some cool craft design company and is on an assignment to find America's Worst Crafter?  And then what if she picks me?

Here's the deal,  I totally pressured my friend over at wifemotherexpletive to join this swap.  I figured misery loves company.  I secretly hoped our names would somehow be drawn to swap with each other (because THAT could really happen) and then we could laugh together and not embarrass ourselves.  Although I suspect Miss WME is a great crafter who is just hiding it from all of us!

So I gotta get on this thing.  I have to send it by March 20th.  I'll share as I work on it.  Probably all on March 19th.  Just kidding.

Off to wipe a nose and dance along to Olivia.


  1. hee hee. no such luck, on any of it... not a super secret crafter... but a throw my hands in the air sort of faker... poor woman who's going to get MINE IS a super crafter, a REAL quilter and so I am just going to send whatever the ehll I end up with ... No standards, just like my house, my kids... sigh...

  2. Poor little guy! Hope he starts feeling better.

    Your swap will be fun! I love doing swaps, they are so much fun! Especially when your package comes in the mail! Just like Christmas! Fun, fun!

  3. I don't think there are "She can Craft and Parent at the same time awards." Cause it is just not humanly possible. Although, I have seen some craft bloggers fake it real good. Thank god my boy likes napping and books and Sesame street. Or else I don't know when I would be able to get this swap done.
    And your poor little guy, get better soon!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries