Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm a Scrappy Crafter, which is better than a Crappy Scrafter.

I am aware of my thrifty ways.  When crafting, I like to use what I have or find what I need in the discount bin.  I just love that challenge.  The materials I chose to use for Elvis's Valentines are just that, what we had and what I bought at Big Lots, just because I knew some day I would use it.  Elvis is still young enough to let me be in charge of his Valentines.  I love that.  The control is exhilarating!  Next year, it's all him.

I love using scraps.  I've mentioned it before.  The scraps inspire me.  Here's what we started with. Scrap packs of paper, I only use the colors I have, it's part of the challenge.  Foam pieces which are quite fun.  Not only do they add dimension but they can be whatever you want them to be.

Next,  a little robot drawing, easily copied on the good ol' printer.
Coloring each was therapeutic for me.  I love to color.

The robot is coming together, now what would a robot say on a Valentine?  Sadly, I spent way to much time trying to figure this out.  Finally I settled on text speak.  It's what all the kids are doing today.

Clever?  Probably not but I'm pleased with the message.  Elvis has 9 Boys (oh yes I said 9 boys, his teacher is a Saint!) in his class.  These needed to be boyish.   If you need other great boy ideas, follow that link.  We are leaving the lovey-dovey stuff to Q.  Or as we are referring to him lately, "Romeo."

A shout out to Urban Craft for the heart in cartoon-speech balloon.  It just worked perfectly.  So one child is ready for Valentine's Day.  Q has some work to do including a Valentine mailbox, we have a good idea.  I'll share it tomorrow.  

In the meantime, robot love is quite nice.  I'm feeling it.

Add "Robot Love sung by Allison Iraheta" to My Life Soundtrack.

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  1. oh my. i have to go take pictures of our valentines. oh my you will be so happy and proud of yourself when you have something to compare to... oh my...


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