Thursday, February 25, 2010

I should all over myself today. It's terrible cleaning up your own should.

The boredom today was mind numbing.  Killing me, mind numbing.  I did NOTHING today. NOOOTHHINNG.  It was pathetic and frustrating.    Above is a small example of the lameness I deal with, is it Sonic or is it Phinneas and Ferb?  And how does any of it matter?  Is it curing diabetes?  Any of you who have any cause should be disgusted.  I am disgusting.  I swore I wouldn't mention it but I suspect a few of you have had similar days.  They happen.    Elvis has a double ear infection so we hung today. He could have been at school but I'm lazy and full of excuses.  We hung out and now I am ready for him to leave and go to college.  It's been a long day.

I mentioned my swap at Urban Craft.  I am totally in  a crazy frenzy over what to do, what to do! I could sew.  But, I am having a fabric, felt, paper collage thing goin' on.  It's over-achiever at it's finest.  In my mind it's great.  But fer reals?  Ladycakes is all in my face over this.  She wants to quit 6th grade and join the swap.  She has all sorts of ideas.  Some good, some annoying.  She's gettin' in my shit.  I'm 40. I'm allowed to have a hobby.  She needs to concentrate on math, World language, social studies, etc... not being me.    Good Lord.

Tomorrow I am attempting to get back to a thrift store that had a cool white lamp I'd like try to make more of, but will have to drive more than 5 miles and did I mention I'm lazy.

I've got a crazy fun felt collage going on but don't have a camera that has a battery.  Clearly, professional blogger or professional anything, I ain't.

I just signed up for the Professional Should'r Contest.  No one Shoulds like I Should!

I might try making a "Should on Yourself "diaper.  Totally green, totally made in America, totally craftactular.  It could come in all sorts of sizes.  Petite, Small, Small Medium. Medium, Medium Large, Large, Large Large , Extra Large.

Tomorrow I promise to be Should-free.  Thanks for listening.

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