Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm pissed, I think I'm Country Living Cool. I'm wrong.

Can't tell from this photo but I'm pissed.  I have all of these great post ideas and NO TIME to photograph, choreograph, style, alter and then re-do all of it.

Then my ideas are out there on everyone-else's blogs.  So clearly my ideas aren't original.  But my personality, all mine.

So question? (as Dwight Shrute would suggest)  How do you have time to photograph the art project/craft project you want to show off?  I'm usually so busy gluing that photography is scary! I risk getting stuck to my camera.

Tomorrow I will offer my Valentine craft with pictures for your approval (all 2 of you.)  Robots and love can be quite sexy.  You'll see.

Seize ya' in the manana!

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  1. Wait till later (after your done the project & are all cleaned up) to take your photos & use that for the next day's post. Then you can begin your craft for the day for the following day's post. :)


Thanks Carol@ Songberries