Friday, December 31, 2010

Fondue? Do you? It's fun to fondue, you should too. please do.

Okay, I know it looks like we live in the 70's.  Busting out the TV trays and  the fondue pot, totally living bi-centenial.  Look out 1976, we are making our move.  Tonight's New Year's Eve celebration involved fondue, broccoli, cauliflower, french bread, pretzel sticks, lil smokies and cheese, cheese, cheese.  It was delicious and fun and I want to thank Hilary for the inspiration!

Dick Clark is on the agenda, really Ryan Seacrest but I feel like I should pay homage to the man who owns New Year's Eve.  We might even play a little Pictionary on Udraw, if we get it set up.  Safe and sound at home.  Looking forward to starting new.

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's almost 2011!

For the holidays, we have been fostering two 6 week old labrador puppies.  It's been our holiday "community service."  I swear everytime I say that I feel like I am admitting my children are criminals.  Hhhhmmmm.    And, yes, I made dog toys for them, personalized and everything. I am the mother of criminals, I have to have a creative release!    Delilah is up there cuddling her toy.

Please meet Delilah, the chocolate lab and her sister Lola, the black beauty.

Miss Emma, our 9 1/2 year old English Mastiff has been a most gracious host.  We are calling her "Gramma Emma,"  She tolerates snuggling (see above) tail tugging, whimpering, wrestling and toy stealing.  She is incredibly kind and plays like the gentle giant she is, soft nibbling, quiet nudging all with such kindness.  We love her dearly and are reminded of how special she is to our family.

The puppies go back to Furburbia on January 5th.  We will miss them.  They snuggle and play and pee and poop.  It's been a great experience for all of us.  We love you Lola and Delilah and we hope you find great homes.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Your ability to concentrate in spite of distractions is impressive. External events will be more easily ignored than internal mental chatter, but you shut out both in favor of finishing something that is very important to you.


yes, 41.  December 22.  I should buy The Beatles on Itunes because I am just that old.

Some things.

1.  I love my children's laughter.
2.  Old fashioned calendar/planners make me very happy.  Pencil it in, you bet I will.
3.  Toe-socks.  Socks that look like mittens but for your feet, don't love them.  A bit weird, to wear and to watch those who are wearing.
4.  I drink a lot of milk, especially in the morning.  I love drinking milk.
5.  I hate the grocery store, unless I am by myself.  By myself, I can manage the grocery store.
6.  Having gumballs in your home is welcoming.
7.  In 5 years, my life will be entirely different and I worry about that.
8.  I would love to have a manicure weekly.
9.  I swear too much.
10.  I love dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, moose, dolphins, you name it.  My mom is to blame and to be thanked.
11.  I have an amazing knowledge of Pop Culture.  I can't decide if I should be embarrassed or proud.  Probably embarrassed  but oddly enough I am proud.  i.e. Nick Lachey will probably not get married over New Year's.  Oh  good Lord.
12.  I can make a gift in a matter of minutes.  I have enough stuff to make a really great gift in 30 minutes.
13.  I have never stayed in a hotel with a 13th floor.
14.  I love a really good grapefruit, especially if it's really cold.
15.  I'm a fan of Eminem.  I appreciate his anger and expression.
16.  Star Trek the Next Generation used to be cool.  It's still okay.  Kind of.
17.  I love the way my Elvis uses prepositions.  Totally wrong but so confidentially.
18.  I want next year to be better than last year.  I hated last year.
19.  Lola and Delilah make great dog names.  I'm sure of it.
20.  Teasing is ugly and doesn't make anyone feel good.
21.  Facebook fascinates me.  I am not sure if it is healthy, but this might not be either.  Social media is intriguing and I pledge to learn more.
22.  You are my favorite number.
23.  I make fun of "The Today Show" on a daily basis.  Seriously, it's ridiculous.
24.  I can be creative with food.
25.  I am lucky my parents are still alive, so many people I know cannot say the same.
26.  I love to shovel snow.  It's hard work but I love it.
27.  Perming your hair is a bad idea, I've done it at least 3 times and the results are never good.
28.  Receiving a compliment is something I am still working on, the reception that is....
29.  I wish I could give my husband everything he wants.  I would love to give him a new kitchen.
30.  Speaking Spanish would be very helpful.  I never really learned to speak Spanish.
31.  I like to roll coins.  Collect the coins, count the coins, roll the coins in papers.  It's really old school but totally soothing to me.
32.  I wish I wore clothes that were "high style, fashioned forward, haute couture"  but clogs, jeans and down vests seem to be my go to style.
33.  I love people.
34. I've lost my sense of organization, or perhaps I've gained a sense of perspective.  The order that used to matter seems less important.  or maybe I've become lazy.
35.  I am a peace keeper.  It's exhausting.
36.  I don't remember being 36.
37.  If a kid needs to throw up, I will offer up hands-cupped.  I will.  I can.  It's just throw up.  It'll wash away and holy cow, kids need that.
38.  I love to ski.  I would never have said that until now.  I have the time, the equipment, the perspective.  And, I'm not a bad skier.
39.  I am looking for my passion.  (Aside from my children and my husband, I am passionate about them but beyond that, I need a boost.)
40.  Having a pap smear annually is incredibly important.  Please do it every year.  If your insurance doesn't cover it (why wouldn't it) do it anyway.  It's embarrassing, it's mildly uncomfortable, it's an inconvenience.  However, if you don't do it, you could be in trouble.  Please.  Do it.
41.  Starting over is possible.  Changing everything can happen.  Taking control.  Yes, it can happen.  I am going to.  I need to.  I am old enough to make great things happen.

Happy Birthday. to me.  New year, new.......

Friday, December 17, 2010

I Hope This Gets To You

I love this. I makes me feel like I have fallen in love all over again.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Teacher's Gifts. A highly debated topic.

I do Teacher Gifts.  I feel that these people spend a good portion of their day with my children.  I think they deserve a gift.  So many parents pitch into the "community pot"  and then the Room Parent buys a gift card of some kind.  This isn't really my style.

*Disclaimer:  I did collect money for the Kindergarten teacher this year.  He's a great guy and will really dig a Home Depot gift card.

My style is to make a gift for the teachers.  I am that parent they dread.  "Oh, here she comes again with her handmade gift.  Doesn't she know I want a gift card to Home Depot!" Making a gift requires that I really think about the recipient. I ponder about the great work they have done, I think about how much I appreciate them.

 This year's gift......

Clay plaques with peace doves and the word "peace" embossed on them attached to vintage glass bottles.  The branches are really little sticks with felt leaves and felt berries attached to them.  I love them.  I am really pleased with how they turned out and they truly are a one of a kind gift.

Now, some of my friends forego the gift all together.  What are your thoughts?  Gift, no gift, cash?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another piece of commissioned art. Does this make me a "real" artist?

I mentioned before that I would be making 150 bottles for a wedding in July.  I feel very flattered when someone likes my art.

I had another commission this week.  Again, someone who really respects my work as an artist asked me to work my magic.

When you ask, I will deliver.  I love to create.  No matter how crappy the request may be.

I present to you "Ugly Christmas Sweaters."  Oh Good Lord, I totally enjoyed doing this.  Ladycakes helped and suggested we open an "Ugly Sweater Store."  Oh silly girl, no one will fall for that.  But wait, I checked on-line and people REALLY DO FALL FOR THAT!

Here they are...

 The trees light up, it's fantastic.

This is Frosty and his balls.  It's terribly tasteless and AWESOME!

This is me.  Showing off my terribly awful, hilarious, totally fun to wear creations.

Maybe I am a real artist.  Maybe not.  Whatever, I love being creative!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Okay, there is business at hand. Plenty of unfinished business.

I'm failing.  Wifemotherexpletive rocks it with a month worth of posts.  A MONTH'S worth.  If I could get it together to do 2 consecutive days, I'd be my own rock star.

My gingerbread house.  Ladycake's sold her's for $40.00, yep $40.00 buck a roos. This is mine.  I loved making it.  I have a mild Smurf, gnome addiction (totally showing my age.)  Can't wait for the movie!

I'll have to see it alone.  I won't be the only 40 year old woman alone in the theater, I just know it.  So, gingerbread damnit.  Get it over with.

There....front has cute girl gnome holding a wreath.  Back has cute gnomes planting a garden, which makes total  sense because it's Winter!  No logic when Gingerbread is concerned.    Good news is the Children's Justice Center earned $6000.00 from this fundraiser.  That's truly what it's all about.


Snowmama's Summit was unbelievable.  Mind-blowing, gotta get my shit together, hope they like me as much as I like them, weekend!  This is one of 2 photos I took over the weekend.  Yep, we'll talk about, hello you need to document your events if you are blogging... I know, I know.  We tubed at Gorgoza Park on the first night and it was ridiculously fun.  Do it.  Do it now!

Then I learned that the local (CBS) station was filming a morning segment at Gorgoza and anyone that wanted to participate could.  Uhhh, what?  Free?  Really? Fun and free? Okay yes, you have to be there at 6:00 a.m.  but once in a lifetime...totally worth it!

Kids and mom tubing.  LOVED IT!

Kids tubing with kids they just met, LOVED IT!

Elvis snowmobiling.  LOVED IT! Casey Scott , the crazy roving reporter, kept us all laughing.  It was terrific.  Tom Butz, the Director of, "Owner" in my kid's mind, but all around  great guy who keeps this bad boy running like a machine was a gracious host and wow, we feel lucky to know him.  Hopefully, the marketing part of it was successful.  It worked on me.

Finally, Wildlife in my own backyard.

This beautiful hawk, don't know what kind....just don't.  Landed on my fence and made a hearty, albeit gross, meal out of a rodent of some kind.  Stayed on the fence for 20 or so minutes.  AMAZING!  Then flew into our Aspen trees and hung out for awhile.  Beautiful.  I am so lucky.  This is what I see in my backyard.  Nice.

Okay, I'll try to be more wifemotherexplevite -ish.  But no guarantee.  I have to get my stuff together, that could take years.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Mom, I woke up with a great idea....

uh, ya yu did.  She (Ladycakes) signed up to make a gingerbread house for a local charity.  The Children's Justice Center helps kids who have been abused or witnessed abuse.  They are questioned, comforted and appropriately placed. Last year she made fabulous fleece blankets for kids that come to the Center.  This year, she chose to participate in their gingerbread house auction.

She woke up the other morning with a brilliant idea.  "Mom, I'm making Snoopy on his dog house!"  All I could think is "damn, this girl is good, she's kicking my garden gnome ass."  It turned out better than better.  Ladycakes will be the best pastry chef in the nation in what 15 years.   I need to start saving so I can fund  Ladycakes and Company.  I love this girl, she's brilliant and she's all mine.

Great job Ladycakes!
(tomorrow I'll show you mine.  It looks silly compared to this one!)

Thanks Carol@ Songberries